Our Impact:

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Success Story Quotes:

“Eliminating television for my children until they were two years of age and limiting viewing since then has proven to be one of the best parenting decisions my husband and I have made. We are constantly receiving compliments on how calm and well behaved our children are. Our children even thank us!” Anonymous

“I haven't had a TV in 10 years, and I really don't miss it. 'Cause it's always so much more fun to be with people than it ever was to be with a television.” Chuck Palahniuk

“I am thrilled when my children are happily playing with open ended toys, singing, or doing any sort of movement (running, jumping, etc.) and these tasks are limited when my children are in front of a screen.  My children get disconnected (isn't that why adults watch tv?) when they are in front of a screen and when it's over there is a battle to argue or talk about. Then it's time to reconnect with the children before we can do something else.  Screen time minimizes their imagination, in that, when a story is read their minds can picture the scene anyway they want to, the picture will not contain any images the children are not ready for or cannot handle.  This is not true when a child is in front of a screen, after seeing a movie, they will forever think of that character image is what that is supposed to look like and they often see images they are not ready for.  I am completely amazed at the images I catch my children seeing (unfortunately against my will) while watching a PG movie or cartoon.” Anonymous